To Καταστατικό Του Κόμματος (EN)

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To Καταστατικό Του Κόμματος (EN)

Δημοσίευση από Stelios Tzakas Την / Το Τρι Μάης 11, 2010 6:08 am

Who we are

SDU (Socialistic Democratic Union) is an e-progressive, e-socialistic initiative that aims at the innovation in the e-left and takes action free of passion and prejudice that belongs in the past.
It is a new voice, the target of which is to accomplish what it announces and change the political scenery in eGreece for the welfare of all of us.

The are no adhesions with real-life parties or movements, i.e. anyone can join regardless of real-life beliefs, as long as one accords to the charter ideas of SDU, as they are described below.

  • Rightful State.
  • Financial policy focused on the e-citizen.
  • Freedom of Speech.
  • National independence.
  • The new citizen is the centre of the civil care.
  • Development policy that minds both the businessman and the worker
  • Preservation of old allies, attempt to create new allies, always putting the - interests of eGreece above any other interest.
  • Powerful national army, accessible to every citizen regardless of political action, aiming the accelerated development of strong soldiers.

Foreign Policy

Since e-Republik is also a game of war, we consider efforts to bring peace on eEarth pointless. Therefore, as far as military operations are concerned, we are initially positive, provided that the given war or warfare serves the interests of our nation and alliance. We are AGAINST any war or warfare that derives from real-life adhesions.
We support the traditional allies of eGreece, as long as they do not conflict with the interests of our nation. The object is to preserve and further enhance our bonds with traditional allies, maintaining the right to veto any allied decisions we judge to be dangerous for the country.

In-land Policy

i. In-land Security
We fight against every practice that results in filing eGreek citizens.

ii. Freedom of Expression
We defend the right of every citizen to express themselves freely, regardless of ideology, without fearing their being silenced. At the same time, though, this right should not contradict the rules of the game, so we officially do not deal with real-life subjects in our articles and we indicate to our members to avoid them too.

iii. Constitution
The legislation of eDemocracy with a Constitution is one of our primary targets.

iv. National Army
We fight for the enhancement of the National Army and stand against its political devaluation through suspicious dealings with paramilitary groups. We demand a National Army that assists the development of young and strong soldiers and not one that is being looked down upon by rich paramilitary groups.

v. New Citizens
We demand a social policy where the new e-citizen is put to the centre. The eGreek state is expected to stand next to new players, helping to their faster understanding of the game, their immediate embedment in our e-society and the

vi. Economy
Parliamentary check of the financial data, with reference to fund change.
State aid of export licenses in targeted markets abroad and promotion of our exports.
State check of market prices with actions against inflation when needed, through public companies' stock, especially in food and housing.
Suggestions for import tax fluctuation, such that maintains the competitiveness between import and local products, minding the interests of our companies and their workers.
Finding a solution for state aid through interest-free loans for development or upgrade of new companies. Menawhile, the ministry of trade should keep a controlling, consulting and reinforcing role in companies that receive such loans.

Internal party organization

a) Direct Democracy
Those who decide about all issues is the people of our Party, based on the principle of popular sovereignty and direct democracy.

b) Party Committee
The supreme council of our party’s organization is the Party Comitee. It consists of seven (7) elected members. Condition regarding the composition of the Commission are at least three (3) new members per term, insomuch they have shown interest. The selection of these will be by the single list, where if the final sextet elected there are not at least three new members, the seventh or sixth or fifth will be deductible if necessary, in order to staff the positions of the first or second or third new candidates as majority.
Each member will undertake one of the following sectors, in consultation with the Chairman.
1) Department of Youth Players
2) Department of Defense
3) Department of Technology & E-Governance
4) Department of Foreign Affairs and International Relations
5) Press Department
6) Department of Information
7) Department of Economics
The convergence of the institution and the subject matter will be appointed by the Chairman of the party.
In the event of a tie in a decision, the Chairman’s vote counts for two.

c) Chairman
Charmain of the Party can be elected anyone who meets the requirements of the game. No yearbook or granting party under agreements.
A member of the Party has the right to be elected as Chairman if he or she meet the following conditions: He or she must not be a member of a private army for about a month before the internal party elections. He or she must not be candidate for second consecutive time. Right to re-election, he or she acquires after at least two different tenures of Chairmans. In this way, we avoid the present of hegemonic behaviour.

d) Congressmen and Collaborations with other eGreek Parties
Right to run for congressman have all party members meet the requirements of the game, but an inescapable condition is not engaged in private armies. SDU is positive for cooperation in congressional elections. We are open to hosting congressional candidates from other parties associated ideology in our listings by agreement, but in this case, the candidate must not be member of a private army.

e) Coordination of legislative proposals
The parliamentary group must discuss and collaborate on its proposals and its movements. No proposal may be put for vote in parliament without being displayed and discussed in the respective board of our forum.

f) Conference
Convening a conference on the proposal of President, Party Commitee or by open letter signed by at least 15% of the members of the party.
Stelios Tzakas
Gold Member

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